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Employment Tribunal fees


Kesteven Partners Limited supports clients in bringing and defending claims in the employment tribunal and in the civil courts.  We deal with cases which proceed all the way to a tribunal hearing as well as cases which settle at various stages of the process.


Our prices are highly competitive compared with other firms who offer a similar service and level of expertise and our lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with employment tribunal claims.


The likely fees for defending or bringing an employment tribunal claim will depend on a number of factors such as:


  • the nature of the claims involved (e.g. unfair dismissal, unpaid holiday pay, sex discrimination, disability discrimination or whistleblowing) and their complexity
  • the likely number of witnesses in the case
  • the number of relevant documents
  • whether issues need to be dealt with or further evidence sought prior to the final hearing


To assist clients with gauging the potential costs involved and to comply with our regulatory obligations, fees for bringing or defending an employment tribunal claim which proceeds all the way to tribunal are likely to be as follows:


  • Simple case (e.g. a claim for wages, a wrongful dismissal claim, straightforward unfair dismissal claim): £13,000 to £25,000 plus VAT

  • Medium complexity case (e.g. multiple claims such as unfair dismissal and discrimination claim, unlawful deductions and whistleblowing, or multiple claimants or dealing with claimants in person): £22,000 to £35,000 plus VAT

  • High complexity case (other matters more complex than the examples above): in excess of £30,000 plus VAT


Employment tribunal work is undertaken at a standard rate of £180 per hour plus VAT and some detailed but more administrative work, such preparation of bundles of documents for the hearing is done at a much lower rate.


We will keep you informed of the likely costs at each stage of the litigation process.


In addition to the fees above, we advise that a barrister is instructed to advocate for you at the employment tribunal hearing itself.  Barristers’ fees range between £3,000 and £20,000 plus VAT, depending on the length of the hearing and the complexity of the case.


How long will the matter take?


The time it takes to deal with an employment tribunal claim depends on whether and when the case settles prior to the hearing as well as which employment tribunal is dealing with the case.  Cases can take up to two years to reach final hearing, although more typically this period is usually anything between six months and a year.  Cases which settle at the early conciliation or pre-litigation stage are usually dealt with in a few weeks.



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